Beside you in time

session 2 arc 1
session 1 arc 1

first session went well i think, however it could have gone a bit smoother and a few less distractions would have been nice but nevertheless good job guys.

here is a quick recap of the days events;
the campaign started with the players in their small village of Kaylin, in the House of Crows’ land under the control of Sir William. a cartographer named Patrick visited the town for the important task of mapping out the land and taking a census of the people in it. he then employed the characters as body guards for the rest of the month.
while exploring a cemetery the characters found a secret ladder that went down into the earth into the resting place of a blood-mage, he offered you a wish for a sacrifice and so the players gave him Patrick, who turned out to be a demigod of chaos. which gave the blood-mage Malice more power than one should ever have, seeing as now he wished to destroy the world.
speaking of destroying the world, he has enlisted the players help to achieve this goal, the characters are now on a quest to gain his old spell book and an amulet.

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